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Nonna Grishaeva - Russian actress of theater, film and television, comedienne, television host and singer. Honored Artist of Russia.


Gennady Vetrov - satirist, comedian, singer, Merited Artist of Russia.


Alexander Oleshko - Russian film and theater actor.

Jeanne Eppl - the Russian actress.

Victor Zinchuk — the Russian rock musician, the guitarist, the composer, the Honored artist of Russia.

Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov — the Russian comedy actor. The participant of the Russian "Comedy Club" teleproject

Victoria Dayneko — the Russian singer and the actress, the graduate and the winner of «Factory of stars-5».

Mike Duda - amerikanisch der Teilnehmer warf-Gruppe W.A.S.P.

Alexander Marchal — the Russian singer, the bass guitarist, the author of songs. Araks, Flowers and Gorky Park, and also as the solo performer is known as the participant of rock groups.

Peter Dranga - the Russian accordion player.

Elena Vaenga - russian singer

Russian group "Zveri"

Vera Polozkova - poet and actress

Ilja Awerbuch - der russische Eiskunstläufer.

Alexey Buldakov - the Russian actor


Irina Toneva, Russian group "Fabrika"

Ekaterina Li, Russian group "Fabrika"

Anastasia Zadorozhnaya - Russian singer and actress

TV anchorwoman Marianna Maximovskaya

Figure skater Maria Butyrskaya


Nazareth – scotish rock-band

Ilya Lagutenko - Russian rock singer, band leader "Mummy Troll".

Ken Hensley - British rock musician, keyboardist, guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer, best known as a member of Uriah Heep (1969-1980 years).

Maxim Averin - Russian theater and movie actor

Peter Nalitch - Russian singer and songwriter

 singer and songwriter

Anastasia Volochkova – ballerina, actress, Honoured artist of Russia

Lacrimosa – swiss band

Diana Arbenina – singer, poet, musician, soloist of Night Sniper band

Alexander Panayotov - Russian singer, songwriter

Bloodhound Gang - American rock band from Philadelphia, founded in 1989

Boney M – german disco band, founded at 1975

Dj Lexter

Dmitry Kogan - famous violinist, Honored Artist of Russia

Olivier Latry - the chief organist of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame De Paris

The Rasmus - Finnish rock band, received eight gold and five platinum awards

Ilona Bronevitskaya – pop singer, tv and radio host

Andrei Il’in – russian movie and theatre actor

Mikhail Gvanetskii – russian writer-satirist and perfomer of his own generation

Vladimir Etush – soviet and russian movie and thetre actor, Honoured artist of SSSR (1984)

Boris Grebenshikov – russian poet and musician, soloist of rock-band “Aquarium”, one of the “fathers-founders” of soviet rock-music and  idol of youth culture  of 1980-2000 years.

Igor Livanov – soviet and russian actor of movie and theatre

Aria – russian band, playing in a hard metall style.

Alexey Kortnev – russian poet, musician, artist, solist of “ Unlucky case”

Konstantin Kinchev – soviet and russian musician, song writer, poet, solist of “Alisa” band.

Sergei Lemoh – singer, solist “Car-Men” band.

Sergey Bezrykov – russian actor movie and theatre, Honoured artist of Russia (2008)

Grigory Siyatvinda – russian actor og moviqe and theatre, Honoured artist of Russia (2006)

Natasha Koroleva –russian pop singer.

Vladimir Vinokur – soviet and russian artist, humorist, singer, and tv host. Honoured artist of RSFSR (1984), national artist RSFSR (1988)

t.A.T.u- russian pop duet.

Band PM know earlier as Prime-minister.

Thomas Anders – german pop singer and

composer, solist “Modern Talking” in the past.

Igor Korneluk – soviet and russian musician and sequncer composer, singer, Honoured artist of Russia (2002)

Sergey Chigrakov – russian singer and misician , solist of  “Chig and Co” rock-band.

Igor Kasilov and Sergey Chvanov – russian actors,  humorists tenants of funny pop duet Modern Russian Grandmoms.

Konstantin Ushkevich – russian actor of movie  and theatre

Sergey Gykov – russian singer, musician, production director. One of the solists of “Hands up”

Vladimir Kuzmin – russian musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songs writer.

Andrey Makarevich – soviet and russian singer, poet, compouser, writer, designer, production director, tv host and solist of “Time’s running Machine”. National artist of Russia (1999)

Svyatoslav Belza – famous loterary critic, musicologist and tv host, national artist of Russia, member in Academy of Russian art and RussianTV Academy, critic.

Ludmila Chyrsina – soviet and russian actress of movie and theatre, national artist of SSSR (1981)

Kai Metov – russian singer.

Sergey Trofimov (Trofim) – compouser, poet, musician, performer of his own songs.

Olga Volkova – soviet and russian movie and theatre actress

Uri Nikolaevich Gal’tsev (on the right) – pop artist and  clownery artist, Honoured artist ogf Russia (2003)

Alexey Panin – russian actor

Dmitry Mar’yanov – russian actor of movia and theatre

Sezariya Evora – highly likeable for russian public portuguese singer

Alexandr Rybak – norwegian singer and violinist who has belarusian origin

Zemfira – modern russian singer, misician and compouser

Nikolay Tsiskaridze – russian artist ob ballet, premier of Big Theatre, natioanal artist of Russia (2001)

Lidia Velegeva – russian movie and theatre actress, Honoured artist of Russia (2010)

Aleksandr Vasil’ev – russian musician, solist band “Spleen”

Gosha Kytsenko – russian actor and singer

Alexandr Rosembaum – soviet and russian bard, sinreg, compouser, actor, Honoured artist of RF (1966), national artist of Russia (2001)

Gyl’kina Nataliya – soviet and russian singer, solist of “Mirage” band

BI_2 russian rock band. Shyra BI_2 and Leva BI_2 are founders.

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