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The Voznesensky Hill and area on the top of it named Voznesensky after the Ascension God’s Temple – the  oldest out of the extant temples of the city. The main 2-floor housing of was completed by 1818, but ultimate appearance it started to have by the XIX Century only. During the Soviet Union years this building was for the regional museum of History and Economy, since 1990 it was again passed to the  Ekaterinburg diocese. In 1998 in a church was rite of the reading the burial service for the King family remains before landing burial at Sankt-Petersburg.

From the left side of the church, on the Northern inclination of the Voznesensky Hills is Palatial ensemble “Homestead of Kharitonov-Rastorguev” – architecture monument of XVIII century. The designer’s name remain unknown, only knowledge of the time that it was built about thirty years tells us that this is not only one architecture masterpiece. Marketer Rastorguev died before construction was over and house became his brother’s-in-law property.

After the Revolution in this building was Ural-Siberian Revolutionary University. Since 1937 after the full renovation this building became Mansion pioneer house.

Next to the Kharitonov-Rastorguev Homestead is a big park, laid at 1826. This park has artificial lake with an island and a round bower – rotunda. Under  the park are many old underground tunnels, one of them was revealed after caving in 1924. Legends tell that Old Believer Rastorguev, being afraid of the persecution has built this tunnels under the park, and a city pond. According to the other legends this tunnels are remainders of old tunnels where Rastorguev was extracting a gold.

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